Mrs. Carter
5th grade Special Education Teacher

Courses Taught:

Math - Language Arts - Life Skills

About Me

I was born and raised in Oceana County. I grew up harvesting summer crops as early as 9 years old. I picked cherries, asparagus, pickles, etc., every summer until  about age 14. At 14 years of age I was able to work in the canning factory. In the canning factory we processed cherries and asparagus. When I turned 16,  I started working at a local grocery store in the summers. The money I earned during those summers was given to my parents to help buy school clothes. I learned at a young age the value of a strong work ethic. I also learned that being part of a family required doing my part. As I grew up, I had a strong sense of belonging, not only to my family and extended family, but also to the community. People helped their neighbors and looked out for one another.

Those long summers as a kid were not all work. I knew that sometime during the summer, dad would say, "Okay, go pack your bags." We were never told ahead of time and now as a parent I know why! Those surprise vacations from my childhood perspective were magical. My siblings and I would quickly pack our bags and wonder where we were going. Most often, it was a treasured trip across the Might Mac and a stay at Gulliver, MI, with our cousins. Of course, we visited all the sites in the Upper Peninsula! Yes, those are still magical and precious memories. I guess it was only fitting that my first teaching job was in the Upper Peninsula at Taquamenon Area Schools in Newberry, MI.

I became a teacher later in life. I always had a desire to go to college. Once I had children of my own, my love of children and concern for their future was intense. Becoming a teacher was my calling. I answered the call and became a teacher at the age of 50. I graduated Grand Valley State University June of 2006, with a degree in Special Education. My major was Psychology. I am highly qualified in the areas of Emotional and Cognitive Impairments. I am able to work K-12 in those areas. I am also highly qualified to work K-8 in General Education. I value the previous jobs and life experience I had prior to becoming a teacher,  that, along with raising my daughters has prepared me to be where I am today. I believe we all have a purpose in life. I am living mine.


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